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Undergraduate-Graduate “Bridge” Option

In an effort to promote graduate education for nurses, the College of Nursing offers students enrolled in the BSN degree an option to take graduate level courses. In many cases these graduate level classes will substitute for undergraduate coursework.

There are two ways in which a BSN student can take Graduate Level courses:

Combined Program

The Combined Program allows students who meet the GPA requirements below to earn both undergraduate and graduate credit at Kent State for any graduate courses completed while enrolled in this program.

    3.5 GPA with 60 hours completed
    3.4 GPA with 75 hours completed
    3.3 GPA with 90 hours completed
    3.2 GPA with 105 hours completed

Admission into the Combined Program requires that students complete an Application to Graduate Studies at Kent State University, submit three letters of recommendation, and submit a resume and goal statement. Students who earn 4 or more hours per semester in the Combined Program are eligible for Federal student loans at the graduate level.

General Option

For students who do not meet the GPA requirements above, but have at least a 2.75 GPA, special permission may be granted by the Associate Dean of Academics to register for graduate level classes. These classes will count for undergraduate credit. Students from this option who matriculate to a graduate level program may have required graduate courses, which have already been completed, waived. Such action will be determined at the time of your graduate enrollment.

Students enrolled in graduate classes under this option are not considered graduate students and therefore are not eligible for Federal student loans at the graduate level/rate.


  • Earn credit for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, thus giving you a jumpstart on your graduate education in nursing.
  • Combined program students can earn financial aid at the graduate level/rate
  • Pay undergraduate tuition for graduate level courses
  • Impress employers and graduate schools that you can be successful in graduate level courses


  • General Option students are not eligible for graduate level financial aid
  • Graduate courses require reflection upon your clinical experience, which is less than professional RNs working in the field.
  • Graduate course are more rigorous than undergraduate courses so the likelihood of doing poorly is greater.
  • Poor performance in graduate classes may be detrimental to future applications to graduate school.
If you are interested in either of these options, please see your academic advisor in the Student Services Office, 216 Henderson Hall.